Thursday, November 5, 2009

Rep.Cliff Stearns questions/admonishes Treasury's Paulson on ($24T)bailout bait and switch

Congressman Cliff Stearns: Mr Paulson How Do You Have Any Credibility? C-Span/Youtube video

He looked smug and was defiant at the beginning of the video...but after Stearns let him have it...

Rep.Stearns,"... and Mr. Paulson I hear your pain when you said your just pained to be on that side of the table answering the gentlemans questions, but isn't it true that Goldman Sachs benefitted from AIG bailout...they got 13 billion dollars..."

Mr. Paulson is obviously pained in this video.He said he was pained by AIG...he was so pained that he was stuttering and stammering."I sold my shares in Goldman Sachs...I, I...I...I "

Rep.Stearns," Tax deferred, didn't have to pay any tax on $200 million ...maybe that was incentive for you to become Secretary of Treasury so you wouldn't have to pay the tax there."

Rep. Stearns:" support the Obama administration giving more power to the Federal regulator...the Fed... but when you look , the Fed was on,Geithner was on board at the Fed, the New York much conflict of interest...recusing yourselves...for America's ethics..."

And then for this new revelation coming just out ....
Cost Of Bailout Hits A Whopping $24 Trillion Dollars, $80,000 for every American

For you readers who are intent in defending Paulson(Hank) here is a link to discern for yourselves if he is complicit and therefore ,guilty of not only malfeasance and avarice but outright theft.

The Huffington Post: Henry Paulson;Some News Is So Big It Needs it's Own Page

I know...I know ...admonish is to kind of a word.But the video is great!

5 minutes of pure revelation into who Paul and his buddies thought they got away with...and it should never let up until they are held responsible and accountable...all of them.

And we know who they are...all of them?

Here's one:
Robert A. Funk, who has been a part of the Board of Directors at the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum® for eight years, has been named the President of the Board.
Currently, Funk is Chairman of the Board, Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Express Employment Professionals. In addition to Express Employment Professionals, he is the owner of Express Ranches, the leading Angus cattle producer and second largest seedstock producer in America, as well as the owner of Express Sports Agency and the Oklahoma City Blazers professional hockey team. He is also a majority owner in the Oklahoma City Redhawks professional baseball team and managing promoter of the Professional Bull Riders Tour in Oklahoma City and Tulsa.
A few of the Boards that he currently serves on include: Chairman of the Conference of Chairmen, with the Federal Reserve Bank System; Chairman of the Kansas City Federal Reserve Bank, serving the tenth district.

See how it's all related?

The FedRes Inc. becoming revealed and disempowered.
I suggest you repent and turn course. The course is will do the right the miracle arise. The People of this World .

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