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Covergirl for book "Salt of the Red Earth",Ida Turner Lewis passes to life at 102.

Covergirl for book "Salt of the Red Earth",Ida Turner Lewis passes to life at 102.

I was privileged to know Ida Turner Lewis(Grandma) for the last few years of her life.

The days I knew of her were filled with gentleness and rest.I first met her while she lived with her daughter ,Roberta in Oklahoma City,near Mc Kinley Park.

Rebecca Fisher, her daughter in law by Tony her grandson, was sitting with her at "Birdies" house while she recovered from illness and frailness while Roberta(Birdie) worked.

She would ask me to bring some donuts from 7- eleven when I would call ,to let them both know I was on my way to see them.

Eventually ,out of love and concern," Grandma" was moved to the full expert and competent care of Becky's(at her initiation) at her and Tony's house.

Those were the hours I got to know her as she would relate this or that about herself while sitting in her lounger.She allowed and welcomed the annointing that I gave her with Holy water .

She, with the help of all those who loved her, recovered much of her strength throughout the last few years at Becky and Tony's.

Her grandsons by Becky, Justin and Jesse,cherished her.

Though,as old and frail as she was,she experienced several relapses and was admitted to the Hospital to recover.It was close calls at times.

I remember once visiting her at St . Anthony's Hospital. She was unconcious and at the edge of death.I blessed and annointed her and then went to the nurses station to ask for a priest.

A priest was not available but a kindly,humble Baptist Pastor made himself available.I asked him if he could administer last rites and he became apologetic, indicating that his office didnot allow it.

I confirmed he was a pastor and tears welled up in his eyes as he annointed God's servant,Ida Turner, and exercised His true office over the child.

He thanked me and indicated that if I ever needed his help....and left,overwhelmed with the Holy Spirit.

Ida then awoke and said she was thirsty. I gave her some cool water from her glass and she sipped it through the straw contently ,thanked me and went back to sleep.

The color had returned to her face.She stayed with us for another day.

I am grateful to God to have been able to meet his servant Ida Turner Lewis(Maiden name) and am again grateful for Him kindly and gently, sweetly calling my friend home for the rest of Life.

I can see your smile glowing,Grandma, radiant as the Sun. As the Son of God. As you are the child,daughter of God.We will miss you for only a short time...see you soon.

Watch the video by MJ Alexander(photographer)explaining the theme and images of the book "Salt of the Red Earth" and get a glimpse of "Grandma" Ida Turner Lewis.

This is what MJ Alexander said of Ida Turner Lewis: "...she is remarkable for a number of reasons, not least of which,she contracted breast Cancer in her 70's and now is a 25 year breast cancer survivor .When her daughter ,Roberta, asked her what she wanted on her 100 th birthday she just said,"Roses" and so at the VFW Hall ,friends and neighbors and relatives showed up and showered her with more than 500 roses last July on her 100th birthday.Her quote," We didn't really have a whole lot but we really didn't want for anything either."
Services,Saturday, at Mary Lee Clark Methodist Church in Del City on Howard drive at 10:00am. Ida Turner was born July 14, 1906. Deceased March 29th, 2009.

Review:Art Linkletter used to say that kids could say the most amusing things. Oldsters are no slouches at it, either.
Proof is found in "Salt of the Red Earth: A Century of Wit and Wisdom from Oklahoma's Elders" (Oklahoma Heritage Association, $39.95).
Photographer and writer M.J. Alexander interviewed 100 Oklahomans born in or before 1907, the year of statehood. Her photographs tell most of the story, but she included a short text on each, giving the date and place of birth and other background information as well as a quotation.
Contrary to expectations that 100-year-olds would be feeble and inarticulate, many of those pictured in the book are frisky and forward-looking. Wit is another evident ingredient in the lives of dozens of them...

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