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OKC Mayor Mick Cornett, hundreds of dirty, wet"homeless" people sleeping on benches and alleys in Downtown.I'll tell you why.City Rescue Mission's new

Update:(SEPT.16th)I don't know why these people are still sleeping in the street soaked in rain. I've emailed everyone . I've published the FACTS. I see the suffering of these people. And I also see the half ass measures demonstrated by those in positions of authority and power. Our "distinguished" judges, "honorable" council persons,the prestigous office of the Mayor, our illustrious Senate and Congress,the Corporations and their CEO's and officers that donate/contribute to this establishment...etc.,etc....not one has taken lasting, viable humane action on this.
What does that last statement mean? The Poor are still on the street.
Must I bring up the "GAAP"( Generally Approved Acounting Practices)farce that contributes to this dsyfunction of theft ,again.Must I go into further details and reveal "ALL" I know?Through documentation.Names.Institutions.Financiers.
Must I send this letter and article to all the "Gifts in Kind " contributors? I do have their names. Provided by a sympathetic ally within your own ranks.
Must I organize and assemble all these affected people's publicly in front of the Mayors office,Court House and Capitol Building? With media to publish a story that will definitely get the attention of not only this state but the Country,if not the World?Must I take a photo of these people assembled and publish it to get attention? I hope not.For their has been enough embarrassment for all.
I am concerned that you persons in positions of power and authority have done soooo little to remedy this injustice.
Impotent? Apathetic? I don't think it's apathy or impotence. Look at the trouble you all went to getting the Thunder here.Look at all the effort expended in getting BILLIONS of dollars to line your coffers in "Revitalization " projects.
Look at the plans for billions more to be spent in DEVON construction and the BRIDGE and the Central Park.
How nice.How pathetic.
Has cause and effect not touched your lives? You bet it just refuse to acknowledge it.Pretending that it's just coincidence.
Now know more personal trauma that won't be ,can't be denied.To those you love. The innocent.For the sins of the father and mother.
It will only subside when the viable remedy is implemented.
1st,send out a public notice through word of mouth and postings indicating that these people are ALL cleared in the computer to enter the City Rescue Mission.Then implement the actions to permanently get them out of the Mission and into their own places.
The Mission should have always been the last resort. They have the staff to fulfill the Mission statement.Your mandate of office dicates that you serve the people with the resources afforded.
This has been going on too long.
I pray that my Father,your Father, will encourage and empower you with the truth of your humanity and it's connectiveness to all of Life,your duty and honor.
This will happen...just depends on how by your "motivation".

Here is the past article...
GAAP stated for my misperception of[$3Million] manipulations/discrepancies I view between City Rescue Mission Finance report and numbers on IRS Form 990.Part IV

Letter sent to members of our State (Sept 11th)Dear Sirs and Madam's;
Thank you for the attention and action that you have taken on the issue of the tactics that transpired that caused over 100 people to be forced out on the street.

I know that Rev Tom Jones and others had lifted the restrictions/bans on the people forced out.

Only one problem.And I get this from very reliable sources.Ron Jensen.

He insists that he is going to continue on the same malicious course no matter who says what.

Word got out that people could get in by getting their card scanned and getting cleared. Problem is,they must then proceed to a "staff member".That staff member is Ron Jensen. And he will not allow any of them in after "speaking" with him.
It has been heard from his own mouth that he doesn't care what was told must happen and what must stop.

I know this man to be a sadist. I personally watched him kick out (description) a red headed woman and her two "small" children into the middle of a freezing winter for two weeks due to the fact the city bus was late on schedule at the stop in front of the Mission.2 minutes late. I watched her and the kids get off the bus.3 years ago.

Remember the man that died in the dumpster.Killed is more like it.He was the one that kicked him out.

Seems that Mr Jensen is a not only a sadist,remorseless causer of death but also a liability.

Were the lives and suffering not enough due to this malfeasance and avarice? At what real cost? Nobody really cares about a drunk or a woman with small children suffering and dying?
I do. And I know you do too. I know that we cannot suffer his liability any further.

I've seen so much more vileness and contempt from this man towards the people he is meant/paid to help ,according to the Missions statement and charter, than I want to spend more time writing about it.Oil Field Christian Fellowship,FrontLine,Council of Evangelical Churches...all indicate that this is a Christian Organization. And David Green's support also is faith based.Christian.
In fact, the website itself states:"A large portion of our ministry relies on in-kind donations from individuals, corporations, and churchs." It states "MINISTRY"!

How many more people is this man going to be allowed to hurt and possibly contribute to their deaths? He knew how the temperatures were below 30 degrees those both times I stated above. He especially knew how dangerous it was to kick that woman and her children out in below freezing weather.You should see the look of satisfaction on his face each time he is able to cause any suffering.Conscienceless,spiteful,contemptuous and vindictive is this man. He puts up a great front in the faces of those with authority.He has always been the problem.Ask Mr. James Cooper. Where is his money? Then ask Ron Jensen.

These injustices of his must stop. He has influenced and infected many others with this evil and contempt. He has no respect for the persons in positions above him. He will continue to manipulate and deceive many for his agenda of defilement.
For that is what it is all about. May you see him for the person he truly is.

Again,thank you for your time.Teodoro Leon III

Update: Sept.1st saw another 30 people banned for 6 months ,with no access to the facility at all...neither for food or water or showers.Since this did not get your attention...maybe when I send this article to the donors by email ,this will not only get your undivided attention but also those complicit in this agenda.Watch the funds start dwindling. And then also know cause and effect.It will hit home were it is least expected.Doubt me ? Watch. Today.

Today there was an increase of 26 men and 11 women who instead of eating,showering and sleeping at the City Rescue Mission will ,for at least 6 months or more, be sleeping in your Downtown the alleys, on benches ,vacant fields,abandoned houses and where ever they may find to get out out of the rain and elements to rest.Showers? Food?Stigma?

How did this increase come about?

Well,Mr. Tom Jones and Mr. Ron Jensen have decided to clear out the Mission. And in the last several weeks that is just what they have done,20 people at a time per day.Now they exist on the streets of OKC,as the other facilities are filling up/filled up due to this tactic.And another factor to consider are the influx of out of staters migrating to OKC due to the economy and "recession".I know that many will consider these people an eye-sore...hungry,unkempt and dirty due to the City Rescue Mission discharging them into the streets.

Many who contribute their finances($1,266,675.34,see pdf;page 19 $5,000 and above gifts in kind) to this organization will wonder ....where is that $ 4 million(Part1 Revenue,Expenses,and changes in Net Assets or Fund balances) in cash going to?

Part 1 ,Line 1(b) Direct Public Support(not included in line 1a)=

$ 3,736,208

LINE 1E TOTAL(add lines 1a through 1d)(CASH $ 3,270,883) non-Cash $465,325

VIEW PDF by clicking here

These employees are paid a sufficient salary.They can justify their wages by doing what they are paid for...relieving the homeless dilemma/ issue/trauma. For the ones that are really effected/affected painfully ,negatively are the "homeless" themselves.

(2008,page 27 of pdf)Executive Tom Jones salary= $71,154 , employee benefit plan=$9,095 ,expense account=$4,908

Director Ron Jensen salary=$44,350 , employee benefit plan=$7,285, no expense account Controller(bookkeeper)

Richard webb=$103,096,employee benefit plan=$13,609,expense account=0

Is that what they are payed for by public donations? To find viable, inhumane ways( that go contrary to their Mission Statement) to increase the homeless population on the streets?

These are some measures/insights:

1 Get the person who wants to stop using drugs and alcohol ,treatment.And really research why it is not readily made available to them(money and exclusivity).Who really profits off the crack epidemic in our City.

2 Require that the City Rescue Mission hire three(3) active Social Workers who seek out those in the Mission to advocate for them and help them prepare the process for the available resources that would benefit them.(OKC Public Housing,Federal Housing, Senior Citizen Housing,Food stamps,Medicaid,Rehab and Counseling through Redrock and Northcare,..etc..)This will reduce the people at the City Rescue Mission and as a result those that are homeless that "hang" around the Downtown area. A more viable,civil,humane way to tackle the "Homelessness Issue" not to mention,legally viable.

3 Make these persons self sufficient and stable through the above measures and then provide some sort of education that is according to their capabilities by an assessment .

Many of these people would rather be at their "home" than at the library,downtown area (Metro Transit)or the City Rescue Mission stewing in their anger,shame ,guilt and addictions .
We ,collectively, are bright enough to come up with some viable answers without being distracted or manipulated by the profit of Mammon others would try to impose on us at our expense and those we are attempting to Recover.
Without violating theirs or our dignities and rights.For cause and effect are immediate and our children will suffer as a result of the sin's of the Father.And most of us whether considered evil or good ,love our children.

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As detailed in my article....Oklahoma City downtown public library and the mayors homelessness action task force agenda banning people under pretext of constitutional rights violation... we ,as intelligent,enfranchised people can come up with viable, humane solutions.
There are viable,humane remedies.

The Public,the Contributors and the Directors and Officers should be outraged at this reprehensible tactics and actions against their fellow humanity.

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